Friday, August 23, 2019

2018 MLB SHOWDOWN SET -- Seattle Mariners

Whattttttt the last team?? You mean.. the set is finally done. YES!!! it only took a year but we have all the teams finally done. Did we save the best for last? Maybe. It certainly looks very visually well done. But I'll let you judge that. So the last team on the list is the Seattle Mariners. They finished 89-73 Which is very respectable but did not make the playoffs. They built a fine respectable team though they quickly dismantled that team here in 2019. The team itself here for 2018 should have a handful of very draftable people. Let me know what your thoughts are on it and the set overall as a whole.


Wednesday, August 21, 2019

All Time Angels

All Time Angels

                The Angels were founded in 1961 as one of the league’s first two expansion teams, headed by Gene Autry, a famous singing cowboy actor and are now owned by Arte Moreno. The Angels won the World Series in 2002 against the Giants, and was the first time both teams in the series were wild card entries. They have some fish guy people like talking about, and some other really good players in their history, although this team is going to fall a bit short of the dominant type teams. Their offense is solid, but lopsided, and their pitching isn't going to scare anyone off, but won't quite wimper and fold either. There’s a handful of players who have worn the Angel’s uniform that made it to the Hall of Fame, although Vladimir Guerrero’s induction in 2017 marked the first time a player has gone in as an Angel.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

2018 MLB SHOWDOWN SET -- Cincinnati Reds

The final National League team is here and, all thanks to Matt (follow him @greatestshowdowncup on Twitter), "I" beat Bob in finalizing my half of the set. What a dramatic and unexpected comeback! But seriously, all credit to Matt and his dedication to finishing off these "meh" Showdown teams... which the Reds sadly are (but should be much improved from a Showdown perspective in 2019). However, there are some definite bright spots in the lineup and a surprising number of highly draftable relievers too! So as we wind down the 2018 set (hope you've been printing them off as you go), here comes the Cincinnati Reds!


Saturday, August 17, 2019

2018 Showdown League Update

I am officially 9 weeks into my season, that is a full 162 games that I have played out so far. It has been interesting to see all these teams battle it out, with so many close games ,and walk off wins. A team that is 11-16 could easily be 16-11 had a few rolls gone their way and vice versa. Each team still have 21 games left so no division lead is out of reach and anything can happen on the showdown diamond. But the best thing about the start of week 10, is at the end of week 10 will be the All-Star Game, Strike out Contest and Home Run Derby. All the great followers we have here, I need your help in my all star voting. Linked here in the blog post is a spreadsheet for my All-Star voting, if you would like, please vote for who you think the most deserving players are.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

All Time Rangers

All Time Rangers

                In 1961 the first iteration of the Rangers came about, as the Washington Senators, and in 1971 they moved to Arlington and became the Rangers that we know of today starting with the 1972 season. The Rangers, like the Mariners, have yet to win a World Series, but have two AL Penants, 7 West Division titles and a wild card berth. Only two players are in the Hall of Fame wearing the Rangers Jersey in Nolan Ryan and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, although there are quite a few others who spent time in the uniform that are in there. This team might not come in quite as filthy as the top tier teams but I will admit this teams is way better than I thought it’d be, and will cause a lot of problems.

Monday, August 12, 2019

All Time Mariners

All Time Mariners
                The Mariners came from the 1977 expansion, and didn’t find success until the mid-90s. In 2001 they won a record 116 games, although it didn’t lead to a ring. They have no World Series titles or AL pennants, but have three division titles and a wild card berth. The Mariners currently hold the longest playoff drought among the four major sports, which dates back to their record setting 2001 season. The Mariners do have three Hall of Famers in Edgar Martinez, Randy Johnson and Ken Griffey Jr, and you’ll notice all three in our Showdown team. They have some great players, although their team history of 28 losing seasons in 42 years does come through here.

Friday, August 9, 2019

All Time Giants

All Time Giants

                  We wrap up the NL West with another powerhouse team in the Giants. The Giants were originally from NY before heading to SF in 1958. The Giants have won the most games of any team in the history of professional baseball, and have won eight division titles, 23 NL Pennants, and played in 20 World Series, winning 8 of them, including 3 in 5 years recently. The Giants have 55 players and 11 managers in the Hall of Fame, and one of the most controversial players not in the Hall of Fame in Bonds. This team might be better than the Dodgers overall, and their lineup is probably the best one we’ve seen yet!

Original NY Giants Logo

Original SF Giants Logo