Wednesday, June 20, 2018

World Series Wednesday: 2016 Cubs

They were the first team published in full on this site, and they're back in the epic, original MLB Showdown 2000 style! Some of the cards have been slightly adjusted, so look out for that as well. It's amazing how good the 2016 Cubs and 2017 Astros both were, with the Cubs winning 103 games (and being a 107 win team according to Baseball Reference's Pythagorean model). They're one of the more balanced teams in the game, featuring an amazing FOUR On-Base 10 hitters to start off the lineup, a rotation with two aces and without a weak link, and a strong, deep bullpen with an absolute lights out closer. As with the 2017 Astros, this Cubs team is a 17 man roster with 9 hitters, 4 starters, and 4 bullpen guys. Unfortunately, David Ross didn't make the showdown card cut, but his heart is still with us (and his card is in the original post!).

Above: the 2016 NL MVP -- absolute slugger to plug into the hot corner!

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Mixing The New Cards With The Originals

Hello everyone, I just wanted to stop by and share some of my team building experiences with mixing in the cards that have been made on this site, along with the 2000 set. For fun I threw together two teams, of course you know its coming one was the Cleveland Indians, and the other was the Houston Astros. To me the cards look fantastic when printed off, the only problem I have run into is the points do print a little blurry so I try to write it down on the back of the card so I don't forget. Same with the charts sometimes. Other then that everything else looks fantastic.

First lets look at the Houston Astros, i used the world series team as a base and sprinkled in some of the 2000 set cards.

The Card that Broke MLB Showdown

This site makes MLB Showdown cards with the 00/01 MLB Showdown formulas and emulates the design style of the 00 set. However, there were four more sets of original MLB Showdown cards after the 01 set, just with a very different calculus involved. Instead of a high of OB 11, it became OB 14 and on-base numbers as a whole went way up (while charts became more tame to account for batters getting their own charts more frequently). Some may say this design change was a way to add more dynamic gameplay, but we here at Greatest MLB Showdown project point to one player's amazing, untouchable, possibly illegally enhanced 2001 season of Barry Bonds, the season where the original MLB Showdown cards shifted their formulas. Well, we decided to make the 2001 Barry Bonds card according to original MLB Showdown calculations.

Pictured: the MLB Showdown 2002 card for the 73-HR Barry Bonds, aka the card that broke MLB Showdown

Monday, June 18, 2018

Bob Gibson

Bob Gibson's 1968 season is the stuff of legend. It's been at the top of every "greatest season of pitching" list I've ever read. With a 1.12 ERA, and averaging nearly a complete game every start, Gibson's season has been linked to MLB lowering the pitching mound. He was the most dominate pitcher of the "Year of the Pitcher."

It's finally time for Gibson to get a 00-style MLB Showdown card. Needless to say, he basically broke the scale, flying way past Pedro Martinez and 1981 Nolan Ryan, reaching an incredible Tier 0 card while having an IP 9. He's costly, but since you won't be using any bullpen for his starts, I'd say he's worth it!

Twins Superstars

As you may or may not know from the 1991 Twins team post, we've got a fan of the Twins working at the site. Thus, it was a no brainer to make perhaps the two most iconic Twins best players in the past three decades in Joe Mauer and Kirby Puckett for our set. We figured we'd release the original cards before they both get the pinstripe treatment next week. And then what the heck, why not add in former MVP Justin Morneau while we're at it?? Enjoy!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Nolan Ryan's incredible 1981 season

Today I want to honor one of the all-time legends: Nolan Ryan! Known for his strikeouts, longevity, and knack for throwing no-hitters, Ryan always pops up in the "Name the Top Ten Pitchers of All-Time" discussion. Oddly enough, despite his prodigious strikeout numbers and normally respectable ERA, Ryan never won a Cy Young. However, he should have in 1981.

That season, which was shortened by strike, Ryan led the majors with an incredible 1.69 ERA. He went 11-5 in his 21 starts, striking out over 8 batters per 9 innings and absolutely baffling foes in the NL. Yes, this was the season Fernando Valenzuela came onto the scene and wowed the baseball world. However, with his only sub-2 ERA season, all-time superstar Nolan Ryan deserved the Cy Young! Without further ado, here's 1981 Nolan Ryan's Showdown card, with two backgrounds:

Hope you enjoy and keep checking us out for more fun, free MLB Showdown cards to play with!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

2017 World Series Champs in MLB 2000 Form!!!

As you may or may not know from reading this blog, we love to celebrate the best players and (especially) the best teams here at the Greatest MLB Showdown blog. We've given you the 2016 Cubs, the 1998 Yankees, we're still rolling out the Classic Set.... we've also given you a spattering of cards in the original, MLB Showdown 2000 set style.... but we've yet to give you a complete World Series champion team in that much adored original style -- until now!