Friday, February 15, 2019


The MLB Showdown league's offseason is in full force (played with 2017 set), and it's FINALLY time for the most ambitious/creative addition to our league play -- the prospects!!  The premise is simple.  We took the top 10 ranked prospects going into 2018 for each team, and based on the scouting grades for those prospects, made a "peak potential," "likely," and "disappointing" chart for each prospect.  Yes, that means we created 3 charts for 300 prospects... and yes, it took as long as that sounds!

As an example, here's the peak potential card for Ronald Acuna.  Obviously there's a reason Acuna
 is compared to Trout, as his peak card is similar to some of his monster years.  Acuna's ratings were:
60 hitting, 65 power, 65 speed, 60 field, 60 arm

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

1998 San Diego Padres

I took a little break from the 2018 Set to make another throwback team, this time the 1998 Padres! We haven't done a modern-style Padres team, and the site has never put out a concrete, designed for normal Showdown San Diego Padres squad either (their Classic Set team was made).  Considering how sad their 2018 team was, I figured their debut team should feature the 1998 Padres -- winners of 98 games and the NL Pennant! It was a blast seeing guys who were heavily involved in the original Showdown cards, as well as making 50 HR Greg Vaughn and former Padres' ace, Kevin Brown! Plus, this gave me a chance to dust off the old "pinstripe" background idea for the "foils" on this team, including the franchise's most memorable players -- Hall of Famers Tony Gwynn and Trevor Hoffman.  Enjoy!

Sunday, February 10, 2019

MLB SHOWDOWN 2018 SET -- Washington Nationals

As a fan of the Nationals, the 2018 Washington Nationals had an epic dud of a season, falling well short of the lofty pre-season expectations I had for them. The Nationals were nearly unanimous preseason favorites in the NL East, and looked to finally get over their postseason hump with a new manager.  Their 2017 team was loaded and when my friends and I "played" the 2018 season out with 2017 cards, the Nationals won the NL rather easily.  Unfortunately, the wheels to the wagon fell off.  Their 2018 Showdown team definitely demonstrates that they deserved the hype, and honestly may have a better Showdown squad than 2018 Atlanta (which is frustrating for any Nats fans out there).  I was living in DC for about a month last summer, and it was truly baffling to everyone in the area why the team wasn't performing (outside of the obvious mismanagement by first timer Matt Williams). Let's take a look at their cards, and use them as hope for 2019!

Here's our (rant filled) podcast about the 2018 Nats!

Lineup: The ONLY team in the set with four On-Base 10 hitters, the Nationals have a lethal lineup on paper! Eaton is a stellar player with good, solid contact hitting and decent speed.  He's followed by the sensational Trea Turner, who's back with blazing speed and a slightly higher on-base.  Turner will be a sneaky guy to go above his points value in a draft.  The most prized free agent still on the market hits third, and despite a "down" year that had everyone freaking out nationally and on DC sports talk in June due to his low batting average, Harper still put together a 520 point card in 2018! Dude is an absolute stud and is worth a $300 million deal. Two more on-base 10s are hitting 4th and 5th, including ROY runner up Juan Soto (who could take another step forward this season) and steady 3B Anthony Rendon.  Then they've got a lethal OB 7 in Zimmerman hitting sixth, and Matt Wieters has a low on-base but at least a solid arm at catcher.  They dealt Murphy and ended up with the poor hitting Difo at the 8th spot, but at least they get more defense and speed out of their 2B now!  Overall, a really solid lineup that belongs on a playoff team rather than being released at this stage!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

In Memory of Frank Robinson

The baseball world lost a true pioneer today in Frank Robinson, at 83 years old. Frank was a legendary player but also a barrier breaker as he was the first African American manager in Major League Baseball. While he as on the field he is the only player in the history of the league to win a MVP in both the American and National League. The first came in 1961 with the Cincinnati Reds in the National League, and the second came in 1966 with the Baltimore Orioles. Frank Robinson was also inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. There is much to say about his career but I feel we should truly appreciate what he did off the field in trying to bring more equality to the world of sports. Without further adieu I decided to make a card of Frank Robinson from each of his MVP seasons. Lets sit back and enjoy this great person and player and appreciate what he brought to the game in the form of two different styles of player.

Best Third Basemen Comparison

Best Third Basemen Comparison

On to the hot corner! Once again, if you need a refresher on how this works look here..

Third base is a bit closer to 1B than 2B is, with some real power hitters, however they have there is some of the finesse you’ll find at 2B or SS. Some of the greatest in the game played third, let’s see how it translates to their cards!

Baseball Movie List

It's almost time for the baseball season to begin. I don't know about you but I'm excited. Luckily we have all these great Showdown cards to keep everyone going on the off days. I know we have great content coming up this Spring training and through out the year so keep tuned. Me and my league are doing our 1 day drinking tournaments as well as getting prepped for our 16 man league with the 2018 set once its fully released. In the meantime how are we to fill our nights??

Well I for one am going to try to fill them with a plethora of baseball movies. I have put together a big list of baseball movies to get us through this down time through pitchers and catchers reporting and spring training. I will also be reviewing the movies on Twitter @BobBumbarger. You can let me know your thoughts on these as well or any movies I may have missed that aren't on the list. I will start on 2/7/19.

Lets start off with the spring training list to get you warmed up:

Baseball - Ken Burns Documentary 1-12

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

2018 Season 1 Super Draft World Series

Its been awhile since I have posted about the Super Draft league. To do a short reminder we had 10 teams. 2 Divisions of 5 teams with the best 2 from each division making the playoffs. Teams were 18 player min with optional bench with 5500 points salary cap. For the players in the draft we had 2000, 2000 pennant, 2001, 2001 pennant, 2014, and custom cards all in 00-01 style. It was roughly 2000 cards to draft from. After a grueling 18 game season that took 5+ months to complete because of scheduling we finally have a winner! So I hope all you early voters picked..... the T-800s to win it all. Not many did but the team came through very big when it mattered. The T-800s started off the season 0-4. After a much needed team pep talk and some lineup tweaks he went 10-4 in the next 14 games to finish 10-8 tied for 1st place in the AL Division.