Thursday, March 23, 2017

2005 Chicago White Sox

The first Chicago baseball team to win a title in nearly a century, the White Sox broke their "Black Sox" curse through Ozzie Guillen's "Win or Die Trying" squad. Adding critical pieces like Scott Podsednik and Tadahito Iguchi to the front of their lineup, fiery catcher AJ Pierzynski to impassion the locker room, and the veteran arms of Freddy Garcia, Jose Contreras, and Dustin Hermanson to shore up the team's pitching. The White Sox would improve by 16 wins from 2004, winning 99 games and the AL Central.

Looking at this Showdown team, it's incredible the job that Ozzie Guillen did. Clearly, he took advantage of the team's excellent charts on offense and rolled solidly with their far above average pitching. Against other "Greatest MLB Showdown" teams, this White Sox squad looks like it'd be toward the bottom, but the risk-reward nature of the lineup could provide some really impressive scores if a manager happens to be rolling well!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Classic Set Previews: TIER THREE PITCHERS

Now we're into the (hopefully) building blocks for the bottom of your rotation and bullpen: the tier 3 starters and relievers. Honestly, there are enough decent starters here to form an entire rotation out of and still be fine. Only the more forgiving point values (i.e. a 5 on at 16 starter like 00 David Cone is only 400 rather than 450 points) make better, Tier 2 aces a cost-effective enough option to make even the most hitter heavy managers pause at that idea.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Classic Set Previews: TIER TWO PITCHERS

Tier Two starters are still aces. For the classic set, there are far more tier 2 pitchers than there would normally be, but that's the joy/curse of putting together a collection filled to the brim with former superstars. Hall of Famers like Juan Marichal, Nolan Ryan, Don Drysdale, Jim Palmer and more are in this tier. For RPs, there are studs like Rich Goosage, Mudcat Grant, and Dan Quisenberry. We were also pleased to see former-elementary-school-classmate's-father Dan Plesac make the cut for the Brewers in this Tier!

This is the Tier that most people will heavily invest in, as there are aces and deals to be made, especially for the bullpen. Enjoy sifting through memory lane with these great players!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Classic Set Chart Previews: TIER ONE PITCHERS

We're just beginning the card making process for the set right now, but we thought you fine readers would enjoy some charts to tide you over to card releases. To start off, we've got the *STAR* pitchers, both starters and relievers. To be a tier one pitcher is not easy: only the SP with an ERA and WHIP combine for only 10 points or less (aka 3rd in ERA, 6th in WHIP would be 9 points), comparatively to their classic peers (otherwise we'd have many, many more Tier One SPs on these rosters) were qualified. For RPs, only guys with ERAs and WHIPs that added together to be under 2 were qualified. One of the most interesting cards in the bunch was Doyle Alexander. He was infamously dealt to the Tigers in 1987 in exchange for future Hall of Famer John Smoltz, but Alexander actually was an ACE for the playoff-bound Tigers, going 9-0 with a 1.53 ERA in his 11 starts for the team. Rather than give them another mediocre starter, we gave them a bullpen sparkplug, who COULD maybe start if a desperate manager wanted him to! Enjoy the charts, we'll end up releasing all the league's charts, so don't worry, there's more content coming!

Also, we've come to understand that many Showdown players ONLY use charts. So, these people like to have charts open in excel and then use a random number generator for rolling. Honestly, that seems efficient and a great way to play, so we're going to try to get more raw charts posted too!


Sunday, March 19, 2017

2001 Arizona Diamondbacks

We're back, and hoping you're enjoying another entertaining season of March Madness! In the spirit of the crazy upsets of March, let's take a look back at one of the great World Series Cinderella teams: the 2001 Arizona Diamondbacks! Sure, this team won only three fewer games than the Yankee team they faced in the World Series, but New York was coming off three straight titles. The Yankees were a dynasty, a seemingly unstoppable juggernaut that would cruise through another postseason. Arizona was still a fledgling franchise, only in its fourth season. In fact, the Yankees had won a World Series in literally every season Arizona had participated in.

However, Arizona took home the title in seven games. The dramatic walk-off single by superstar Luis Gonzalez in the ninth inning of Game 7 is consistently placed in "Greatest Moments" countdowns. The strength of this team was its starting pitching, behind two Cy Young candidates: Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. In the heart of the steroid era, it was these two hurlers that got the DBacks through the NL. In the end, clutch hitting and workmanlike starts from these two, along with gutsy pitching from their only viable reliever, Kim, was enough to squeak by the mighty Yankees and finally break the hold New York had on baseball. Enjoy this look back!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Exciting New Content!!!

The Greatest MLB Showdown Project is proud to announce our LATEST content: the Classic Set. Thus far, we have been posting the individual teams from their own seasons (i.e. the Cubs players from the 2016 set of charts we calculated, the 2001 Mariners from all the 2001 players, etc.) or posting individual cards from specific seasons in the Hall of Fame collection. Now, there's a chance for readers to enjoy a NEW COMPLETE SET of classic cards to play with. We will be releasing a 360 card set of classic cards, with twenty teams of 18 players each (very convenient for binders ;)).

Sunday, March 12, 2017


The first pitcher inducted into the Showdown Hall of Fame was at his peak when the glorious card game this site celebrated was introduced. Producing the most valuable card (by points value) in both the 00 and 01 sets, Pedro led the majors in ERA, WHIP, and K while garnering over 40 wins. Over the course of his 18 major league seasons, Pedro led the majors in ERA five times, WHIP six times, and K three times. He took home three Cy Youngs and famously helped the Boston Red Sox break their curse in 2004.

Enjoy looking back at some of Pedro's most memorable seasons, from his rise to stardom in Montreal, to his incredibly dominate years in Boston at the turn of the century, to a final Cy Young-level season as a New York Met. We're happy to present an extremely deserving Showdown Hall of Famer, Pedro Martinez!