Sunday, February 9, 2020

Showdown Cup Season 2 Pr-Season Preview

The chalk is down, the grass is cut and it is opening day here at the Greatest Showdown Blog for Season 2 of the Showdown Cup. Games will be starting for my 20 team season that many of you participated in drafting. So how about we show everyone how wrong I truly am by my preseason predictions on who I think will be there when the playoffs start. Whoever I pick, I am truly sorry for jinxing you and your team, and whoever I picked for last place, congratulations on making the playoffs. If you're patient enough to look through the whole article you might see some cards that Bradley hasn't gotten around to posting yet as well.
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Friday, January 31, 2020

2019 Showdown Cup League Season 2: All Free Agents Team

So I am writing this after the waiver period, and a ton of free agency moves have been made. Some of these guys may get picked up in the time I finish writing this article. But for the fun of it here is the best team I can make with the available players.

Sadly Tim Anderson is the first player to miss the cut

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

MLB What Ifs

Showdown What Ifs

When doing research for the All Time Mets 2008 Billy Wagner card I came across Joey Devine. Who is Joey Devine you ask? He is the owner of a .59 ERA, .832 WHIP season over 45.2 IP in 2008, and one of the best RP cards you have ever seen. Sadly, after that year he had TJ surgery, and never was able to return to form. This got me thinking, who else out there had a ridiculous season/stretch only to never recapture it due to injury, yips, or some other incident. Presenting, MLB Showdown's What If collection. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

All Time Mets

All Time Mets
(More new Cards!!)

The New York Metropolitans were founded in 1962 to fill the void of the departed Giants and Dodgers, and started out with an atrocious 40-120 in their first regular season. In fact, they never finished better than second to last until the "Miracle Mets" of 1969, giving them the first of two World Series Titles. They have won five NL Pennants, the NL East six times and gotten wild card berths three times. Despite their standing as the "lesser" NYC team, they are going to pack a punch here and will put up a really strong fight to get out of this division.

The Mets have had one of the more consistent logos out there

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

2020 Lineup Look Ahead: Minnesota Twins

Hey everyone I am back with a new post, when I posted the 2019 LA Angels I looked ahead to their potential 2020 lineup, well today I am back to look at the AL Centrals Minnesota Twins and this deadly lineup that they will be potentially bringing with them.

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All Time Phillies

All Time Phillies

The next All Time Team is the Philadelphia Phillies, who came about in 1883, and have won two World Series, seven NL Pennants and 11 NL East titles and have featured yours truly on their jumbotron! This team will reflect their storied history and has quite a few Hall of Famers on it.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

All Time Marlins

All Time Marlins with New Cards!

Happy New Year! After a busy holiday season we are back in the swing of things with the Marlins. After being established in 1993, the Marlins hold a meager .462 winning percentage, yet have two World Series trophies to their name. Their team has some absolute studs, but due to their short time in existence and overall lack of competitiveness, they lack the fire power to be a top tier competitor.

Florida Marlins Logo 1993-2011