Sunday, December 16, 2018


The Cubs won 95 games in 2018, tied for the most in the National League after 162 games.  Unfortunately, they tied with their NL Central rivals to the North, and, after a disappointing game 163, ended up in the Wild Card game, where they lost in 2-1 in a crazy 13 inning game.  Despite only playing a single playoff game, the 2018 Cubs Showdown team is one of the NL's elite and have a salary of 5060 points.  They've got a stellar rotation, solid top end of the bullpen, and a very deep lineup that includes MVP runner-up Javy Baez.  Without further ado, the 2018 Chicago Cubs!

Saturday, December 15, 2018

1998 New York Yankees

1998 Yankees

I took Peter's Original cards, and re-created them into the 00-01 style of card. So for those that haven't been with us from the beginning, here is his old post with the new cards.
The 1998 New York Yankees won 114 games, setting a (now eclipsed) record for wins in a single season. Unsurprisingly, the amount of wins in a season usually translates to a team's Showdown strength, so I was extremely excited to see what kind of firepower the 1998 Yanks brought to the game. The answer: not as much as expected. Oh sure, each component of this team is at least GOOD, but there is no unit that screams "wow!" like the 2004 Red Sox lineup or the 2016 Cubs rotation. The Big Four are still in their relative infancy (with Bernie Williams and Mariano Rivera putting up prime seasons), and Roger Clemens has not yet joined the rotation.

On closer inspection, this team still looks like an all-timer, although it is not as instantly sexy on paper as, say the 2003 Yankees. However, the rotation is extremely solid (which was so important in the year of the HR), the bullpen is steadfast, and the lineup is incredibly deep. Trading HRs for consistency, speed, and enough OB to steal some charts from even the best aces, the Yankees will score runs while limiting opposing offenses. It will be fun to put this team up against other recent greats, especially the 2016 Cubs!

Lineup: The trio of Derek Jeter-Bernie Williams-Jorge Posada make up 75% of the fabled "Big Four" cementing the Yankees dynasty. In 1998, Bernie Williams had an incredibly strong season and is clearly the best hitter on this team. Surefire Hall of Famer, Derek "the Captain" Jeter's game never translated extremely well to Showdown, but his speed and steady hitting should be replicated by his card. Posada has yet to find his consistency, but his +8 arm and 17-20 HR are huge assets in a lineup's worst hitter. Darryl Strawberry provides the most power in this lineup and World Series MVP Scott Brosius ensures there's a fourth OB 9 or higher bat in the lineup. I'm always a sucker for Chuck Knoblauch, even if his card isn't that good.

Overall: a deep lineup! The 98 Yanks rarely will blast opponents away in one giant, power fueled inning, but could put up impressive stats in the aggregate. There's no one below a 7 OB and one of those 7 guys is their best power hitter. Plus, there's a lot of opportunity to use the lineup with versatility.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

2018 MLB SHOWDOWN SET -- New York Yankees

Sorry for the delay. Family and Holidays... you know the usual. But you get to come back to another heavy AL playoff team in the New York Yankees. Winning 100 games this past season. They were a power house of a team. Very impressive rookies and some heavy hitters with the addition of Stanton this year. I wanted to get all the playoff teams done first so only team left for the AL is the As. But this team should keep you on you toes. With a whopping team total of 5,420 points you can instantly see why this team made the playoffs. As always tune into our podcast for out breakdown and to hear Peter go in depth behind the team.

We for the moment will not be on itunes and are going back to YouTube. So feel free to listen there.

Batting alone had 2,850 led by the Aarons.. Judge and Hicks.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Greatest Showdown Players at Each Position: Second Base

The newest installment to the list of greatest showdown players is coming from the second base position. Five players all come in at over 500 points a piece and should be one of the best debates yet with how similar these guys charts are. Only 80 points separate the highest point player from the fifth place player. All of the players in the ranking are 10 OB's and 4 of the 5 are speed A leaving not much difference until you dive into the players charts and what chart fits the needs and wants of your team.

5 Jose Altuve '17 500pt

Monday, December 3, 2018

Greatest Showdown Players at Each Position:Third Base

By special request coming at you today is highest point valued third basemen in Showdown. Combining our custom cards with the 2000 and 2001 original sets. The list of third basemen is headline by the top 3 all being MVP winners from that season. The biggest one in the list, if you listened to the most recent podcast on the Los Angeles Dodgers talking about Max Muncy and his low at bats, is Fernando Tatis from the original 2000 set. In his career other than the 1999 season the most home runs he had in a season was 18, he hit 34 in 1999. His 2000 season was a decent season but after that he fell off completely. It goes to show that some guys like Chipper Jones and Miguel Cabrera can make these dominant cards yearly, while one good year for a player can make him look like a Hall of Famer. Lets examine the top 5 third basemen and let me hear your thoughts on your favorite to use third basemen in your showdown games. 

5 Fernando Tatis '00 570pts

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Sunday, December 2, 2018


Finally, the most expensive team from the 2018 set is finished: the NL Champion Los Angeles Dodgers! Simply put, this team is absolutely loaded.  Somehow the Dodgers only won 92 games and needed game 163 to win the NL West, and (as much as I love the Brewers) needed 7 games to take out the Brew Crew.  Even though the 2017 squad won over 100 games, I think this Showdown version is an improvement thanks to their incredibly deep and flexible lineup.  However, the starting pitching and especially the bullpen took a step back, but when you've got this many incredible hitters, it's easy to just say "the pitching will be fine."

Once again, there's a Bourbon over Baseball analyzing this Showdown squad: iTunes Link (episode 09)

LineupThe Dodgers lineup is STACKED, and its incredibly deep.  There were so many dudes that needed cards on this squad that the Dodgers ended up with 13 players in the 2018 set. Shockingly, 11 of those players are at least 250 points -- an incredible display of depth! In the starting lineup, there's a bunch of power from Bellinger, Machado, and Muncy, as well as extremely productive and steady hitting from Turner, at the top of the lineup.  Grandal's really solid year has been overshadowed by his postseason struggles, but he put up a very decent card, especially for a catcher!  The 6 thru 8 spots are filled with potent OB 7 cards, a luxury shared by no other teams in this set.  And off the bench comes a very good David Freese, another weapon of an OB 7 in Matt Kemp, and Joc Pederson (aka the guy to insert into a lineup against a Control 2 or lower constantly because WOW that chart).  If Dozier had reached his 2017 numbers, this team would've been an unfair cheat code.  As it stands, it's still the best lineup in the 2018 set.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Greatest Showdown Players at Each Position : First Base

We return for week 2 of the discussion of the greatest MLB Showdown players at each position. Last week we looked at the catchers position. This week we will be looking at the first basemen, and there will be plenty of familiar names as 5 of the top 6 are from the original 2000 and 2001 sets. With the catchers the difference between the players could be found in speed or defense or power. We will be looking at the same categories but defense for a first basemen might just be an extra bonus because not many get the coveted +1 on their cards. John Olerud comes to mind from the 2000 pennant run set as a card that could be a defensive first basemen while providing a 10 on-base but not much more after that. Let's take a look at who came out on top of the best first basemen made.

T4 Mark McGwire '00 570pts
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