Tuesday, December 10, 2019

All Time Indians

All Time Indians (New Cards!)

Today's team is the Cleveland Indians. With many of the contributors to this site being Indians fans, there is considerably more cards to chose from than any other team. Sadly to say, none of these fans have seen an Indians championship team, as the only two came in 1920 and 1948. However, with 6 AL Pennants, 11 Divisional Championships and a Wild Card berth, there has been plenty of October baseball since the teams inception in 1900. They also set the record for longest win streak in the AL with 22 games in 2017.

 Logo Circa 1915- I'm sensing a pattern here

Monday, December 9, 2019

MLB SHOWDOWN 2019 SET -- Kansas City Royals

The Kansas City Royals were a bottom of the barrel team in 2019, finishing 4th in the AL Central with a record of 59-103 and third worst in the American League total. The showdown gods were not very kind to them and it shows in the cards representing the team this season. The top 3 or 4 players are use able, and many draft able pieces to help fit under a salary cap. Sadly I do not believe we will be seeing and first or second round picks used on the guys available from this team. 
His high home run rate puts Jorge on the Bomb Squad

Sunday, December 8, 2019

MLB SHOWDOWN 2019 SET -- Pittsburgh Pirates

If you followed @Bobbumbarger on twitter this season any time you saw a tweet go out saying " STUD ALERT" you knew Josh Bell had done something special. A stud he is, and was this season being a great player for this Pirates franchise. The Pirates finished last in the NL Central this season with a 69-93 record. Like many of the weak teams in the showdown set, the offense is good enough to get them some runs, but the pitching on this team is going to continually hurt them over and over. Even worse news for the Pirates pitching staff, is their best reliever probably won't be on the team again and their bullpen is not very strong without him.

Friday, December 6, 2019

MLB SHOWDOWN 2019 SET -- Texas Rangers

The Texas Rangers finished 78-84 in 2019 third in the AL West and this team reflects a middle of the pack team. They have some players that will make a huge difference in the lineup. Rangers probably could have been better had Joey Gallo played the full season. This team will certainly have plenty drafted from it as they can be explosive at the top of the order. The pitching is what hurts this team, especially once you get past the top two starters. Pitching is a struggle for this team, and the great batters that they have will need to score a lot of runs to keep this team competitive.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

MLB SHOWDOWN 2019 SET -- Miami Marlins

The Miami Marlins were a rough team in 2018 and nothing changed in 2019. They finished with the third worst record overall in the entire MLB with a record of 57-105. This team doesn't have any star power or even top 5 round talent in a deep draft. The players on this team are back end of the lineup or rotation quality players. It will be interesting to see if this team can ever turn it around and not trade away the players that can develop to become stars.
I am loving these 01 style cards, if the Marlins ever get good they will look sharp with all the neon colors and the black mixing.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

All Time White Sox

All Time White Sox

This article was ready to go before I heard about the MASSIVE 90s drop, so I wanted to wait before putting it out. Once I finish the different teams I'll be going back and releasing an article discussing the new players on each team, since there will definitely be a bit of turnover. Due to the amount of new cards and adding 2019 statistics there actually is a noticeable affect on expected runs-seeing mid range guys move down and the outliers moving less.

Today's team is the Chicago White Sox, one of the original AL charter teams, were established in 1901. Their early history was marred by the famous Black Sox Scandal of 1919, despite winning the World Series in 1906 and 1917. They won again in 2005, and have 6 AL Pennants, 3 Central titles, 2 West titles and no wild card berths. They've had a few players enshrined in Cooperstown, however one of the best players in franchise history is excluded in Shoeless Joe Jackson. Maybe those who are lucky enough to go watch them play the Yankees in Iowa this summer will get a glimpse of him coming out of the cornfield!

Original White Sox Logo 1901-1902 (Cubs!?)

MLB SHOWDOWN SET 2019 -- New York Yankees

Start the Star Wars Darth Vader theme, they are finally here, the 2019 New York Yankees. As a baseball fan from afar, what I knew about the Yankees was they had a great bullpen and they hits BOMBS. Other than that and being a great team in the AL East I couldn't tell you as much as our guest writer and New York Yankees fan, you all know him from my league as the owner of Acuna Matata and from twitter as @Gitrekt, so I will turn it over to him for his Yankees analysis.

" The Yankees had an excellent year winning 103 games and making it to the ALCS before falling to those dirty cheats, the Houston Astros. Although it is probably seen as a great season by maybe every other MLB team, the expectations for the Yankees every year is win a World Series or bust. After failing to win this year they are now in a transition year where they are saying bye to a great leader and Yankee CC Sabathia after he decided to retire at the end of the season. Brett Gardner might be gone too and it doesn't look like they will bring back Sir DD. With big free agents available we will see if the Yankees turn to their old ways and do some big fish shopping this off season.