Friday, January 11, 2019

1990 Oakland Athletics

1990 Oakland Athletics: Now while the 1990 Athletics came up on the wrong side of a four game sweep in the World Series this season to the Cincinnati Reds, this team was mighty impressive led by the 1990 American League MVP Rickey Henderson. This was their third straight trip to the World Series, and were favored to win the series. This lineup at the time was stacked with 3 former back to back to back AL Rookies of the year in Jose Canseco, Mark McGwire and Walt Weiss and a mid season trade for Willie McGee, who ended up winning the NL batting title in the 1990 season even though he finished the year in the American League. This Athletics team over the past three season had won 306 games. This was the third straight year they led the Majors in wins which was a all around sports record that had just been tied by the Golden State Warriors in 2017 and then broken the next year by the Warriors as well.

Line up: Eight of the Athletics nine main post season starters played in at least one all-star game between 1988 and 1990. This shows the depth of a lineup that this team had, the only two non all-stars shown here are Dave Henderson and Walt Weiss. Obviously the strength of this team will be found at the lead-off spot with Rickey Henderson being an all around stud. Once he gets on base Canseco, Baines and McGwire will be looking to knock him in. The lineup isn't the strongest we have seen but all around will score you plenty of runs if you can get Rickey on base with some timely hitting.   


Rotation: While Bob Welch won the Cy Young this season his numbers didn't equate the dominant showdown type of card that Dave Stewart had put up. As a team the Athletics had allowed only 570 runs the entire season leading the league in that category. 

Bullpen: Led by dominant closer Dennis Eckersley and his .61 ERA and 48 saves we have ourselves a tier 0 Closer. Look out Billy Wagner 00, you have some competition for the best closer in the game. This full bullpen is loaded with stud arms and will pick up for the starters and their lwoer controls when needed. This bullpen played a huge roll in leading the majors in fewest runs allowed and should be able to protect most leads.  


  1. If it weren't for the fetish of win totals, he'd be nowhere near a Cy Young; both Stewart AND Ecks were more valuable, as well as that Clemens guy...

  2. Right, when I was doing my research on the team I saw he’s still the last 25 game winner

  3. Looking over the stats, there are 2 pitchers on that team that deserve the CY Young more than Welch. Hate to see an award decided solely on wins. I would be furious if I was Stewart

  4. That’s what cracks me up. I was looking at 1992 stats and when Dennis Eckersley won the Cy Young and mvp and it’s nowhwre near what he did in 1990 other than he had 51 saves instead of 48