Friday, July 30, 2021


 You saw the Hot Stove.... you're hopefully excited for the end of year 2021 set.... but now, enjoy the TRADE DEADLINE edition for the 2021 Set!

This is an idea I've wanted to implement for a while, putting guys dealt at the deadline onto cards for the team they are leaving with their stats to this point of the year making up the card. I think it's fun for several reasons: (a) puts the expectations that teams should have for the guys they just acquired into easy to understand form; (b) let's the worst teams have some fun cards at the end of the season; (c) makes it easy to compare "guy when traded" vs "guy at end of the year" so we can all see if the traded player kept it up, exceeded his previous performance, or didn't live up to the hype. Plus, the more good cards, the better!!

Especially this year, which is the most insane trade deadline class in terms of talent I can remember! Without further ado, let's get into the studs:

A Few Late Editions

Check back at the end of the season to see all these players sporting fresh new cards for their new squads -- here's hoping your favorite team will have an improved version pushing your squad into the postseason!

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