Monday, March 20, 2017

Classic Set Chart Previews: TIER ONE PITCHERS

We're just beginning the card making process for the set right now, but we thought you fine readers would enjoy some charts to tide you over to card releases. To start off, we've got the *STAR* pitchers, both starters and relievers. To be a tier one pitcher is not easy: only the SP with an ERA and WHIP combine for only 10 points or less (aka 3rd in ERA, 6th in WHIP would be 9 points), comparatively to their classic peers (otherwise we'd have many, many more Tier One SPs on these rosters) were qualified. For RPs, only guys with ERAs and WHIPs that added together to be under 2 were qualified. One of the most interesting cards in the bunch was Doyle Alexander. He was infamously dealt to the Tigers in 1987 in exchange for future Hall of Famer John Smoltz, but Alexander actually was an ACE for the playoff-bound Tigers, going 9-0 with a 1.53 ERA in his 11 starts for the team. Rather than give them another mediocre starter, we gave them a bullpen sparkplug, who COULD maybe start if a desperate manager wanted him to! Enjoy the charts, we'll end up releasing all the league's charts, so don't worry, there's more content coming!

Also, we've come to understand that many Showdown players ONLY use charts. So, these people like to have charts open in excel and then use a random number generator for rolling. Honestly, that seems efficient and a great way to play, so we're going to try to get more raw charts posted too!


Steve CarltonPHI7001680019-2017-18169-153-81-2
Vida BlueOAK68016802018-191713-168-123-71-2
Dwight GoodenNYM660167002017-1914-1611-133-101-2
Sandy KoufaxLA6501670018-201713-1610-123-91-2
Dave McNallyBALT6301670201917-1812-167-113-61-2
John TudorSTL600157020191813-177-123-61-2
Whitey FordNYY570147019-200011-187-103-61-2
Gary NolanCIN5601370020014-196-133-51-2

Top-rated Steve Carlton in action, wheeling and dealing for the Phillies. This Hall of Famer is worth every bit of his 700 points, and should be in consideration as a first round pick in any draft!


Doyle AlexanderDET30014302019013-186-123-51-2
Wayne Twitchell PHI2501320020014-1911-133-101-2
Bruce Sutter CHC2401610018-201715-1610-143-91-2
Rollie FingersMIL2301610017-20014-168-133-71-2
Tug McGraw PHI2301610018-201712-169-113-81-2
Lee Smith CHC220161020017-1912-168-113-71-2
Dave Smith HOU220151020018-1912-1710-113-91-2
Jesse Orosco NYM210151020191815-178-143-71-2
Frank Linzy SF200151020191811-175-103-41-2
Eddie WattBAL200151020191812-176-113-51-2
Darold KnowlesOAK190151019-2001812-176-113-41-2
Bob McClureCAL19014102019013-187-123-61-2
Larry Anderson HOU1801310020013-1910-123-91-2
Les Lancaster CHC1701310020014-197-133-61-2

The Cubs closer brings high-end stuff to the ninth inning. The Cubs are loaded, with three Tier 1 relief pitchers! In fact, Lee may not be most managers choice of Cubs closer thanks to Bruce Sutter's presence!

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